Kyrov Bat-Tuz

FtM pirate elf with a tiny lizard who thinks she is a dragon


Kyrov is a Wix and a sea-faring elf. He and his gliding lizard familiar Tian have been mostly on their own and don’t stay under one captain for long. As is culturally acceptable for sea-elves, Kyrov joined a crew once old enough to live on his own. He returns home infrequently, mostly because his family and locals are still wary of Wix powers and their implications.

He initially lived as a woman on a merchant ship, but merchant elves did not appreciate the Wix powers and Kyrov ran away to join the pirates that he first bought hormone treatments off of.

For the most part, Kyrov is amiable, if a bit reserved. However, he can get scary-aggressive, for better or worse, and has a tendency to mood swings due to homeopathic hormone therapy (read: crystalized horse urine as an ancient testosterone replacement). No one is sure why they get uneasy around Kyrov — its a mix of the general outcast nature of Wix/Witches, the faint smell of horse urine, and Tian’s (playful?) attitude that usually involves unprovoked biting and hissing.

Kyrov mostly passes for male, but is rather short for an elf and still has rounder hips and facial features. Nomadism suits him, for it offers chances to observe new cultures and reduces the opportunity for awkward questions.

Kyrov Bat-Tuz

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