Kieli Diyak

College-trained Bard, Archaeologist


Traits: Unintentional Linguist, Scholar of Ruins


Kieli was born to immigrants, who fled from their village in western Podere when the Indire Army came to “unify” the country. Wanting to escape the political turmoil, his parents left on a Veparan vessel that was headed to Dalnok.
Raised in the shadow of Iskola University, he enrolled as soon as he could, spending two years in training and study. He displayed a capacity for languages – still in use or dead – and identifying artifacts and their purpose. As such his professors encouraged him to continue his studies, specializing in linguistics and archaeology. After three more years in the Iskola undergraduate course, he continued on to graduate school.
As part of his course, Kieli has gone on several missions to find artifacts hinted at in old manuscripts. During his most recent venture, he was searching for a manuscript referenced in several documents in the libraries of Iskola and Jadu Sala. While exploring Dwarven ruins on the edge of the Kattil forest, he encountered a party from Ostanovit looking for the same artifact. He was able to escape the dwarves, but lost the manuscript in the ruins. He was granted a small fund to hire protection for the next time he leaves on an expedition.

Kieli Diyak

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