Elven Language Feats

Veparan Telepathic Language

The secret language of Vepara consists largely of feelings sent across a passive telepathic bond formed between the speakers, and any within earshot with the ability to accept the bond. For non-elves to experience the bond, they must take the following feat:

Speak Vepara Secret
Prerequisites: Elf or half-elf, or must have at least one level of an arcane casting class
Benefit: With this feat, someone can both send and receive the telepathic cues required to understand the secret tongue of the Vepara elves.
Normal: Without this feat, a person is completely unaware of the telepathic aspect of the language; they think it is the normal Vepara dialect if they do not understand it said dialect, or if they do understand it, they believe the speakers are using a strange slang.

Se Pahale Written Language

The language of the elves of Se Pahale is completely auditory, with usual physical cues for context, as with any language. What makes it unusual however, is that its “written” form is not like that of any other language. Whereas a normal language uses markings on paper or stone or something similar, to record Se Pahale, the “writer” focuses on a receptacle (typically nothing more than a cut crystal) and thinks what they want to record. When someone tries to “read” the crystal, they must focus on it, and the content is spoken into the mind of the “reader.” In order to transcribe or interpret the content of a crystal, a person must have the following feat:

Understand Se Pahale Text
Prerequisites: Power point reserve
Benefit: Someone who has this feat can “read” and “write” the telepathic text of the Se Pahale elves. If they cannot speak the language, it is still indecipherable.
Normal: Someone without this feat can only hear indistinct sounds emanating from the text, but cannot make out what it is saying, even if they can understand the spoken language.

Elven Language Feats

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