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Whimsical and manic, Tig goes through life thinking the whole thing is a laugh riot. Like most Gnomes, Tig is physically weak but constantly curious and investigating. A passion for self-transfiguration and explosions lead Tig to peruse Alchemy and to travel in search of new ingredients to use in concoctions. Or bombs. Or bombs that spray concoctions. Cause why wouldn’t you want everyone in the tavern to have sticky frog feet? Now we can use the ceiling for dancing!

Physically, Tig is 28” short with pink skin and blue/green hair. At any given point some part of Tig’s body has been mutated into some unspeakable abomination as the experimenting never stops. Keep an eye on your drink if Tig’s at your table.

It should be noted that Gnomes have no concept of gender, boundaries, religion, or when to shut up and be serious. A poor sense of humor will make you untrustworthy in Tig’s eyes. Action is always better then inaction, especially if that action results in a singed eyebrow or new tail.


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