Schwanz Dickson

Human (Alcoholic) Ranger


AC: 16
HP: 11
Fort: 3
Ref: 5
Will: 2
Weapons: Axe and +1 Strength Composite Longbow


Schwanz is a nordic ranger from the wilderness of Zapadno. He is a skilled bowman and warrior and has spent all of his life living off the land. Currently he is looking for stable employment to support his crippling mead addiction. He has been actively promoting himself to groups of his adventurers in order to gain access to loot but with little success. He is not very dependable due to his alcoholism and suffers from depression and PTSD. He is still a capable ranger when sober but he is often completely inebriated.

His excessive drinking is a coping mechanism to deal with the horrors of his past. He once operated a successful rare meats business with his son, Dongolev, hunting and trapping rare animals and selling them to wealthy nobles and foreigners. Schwanz had a very close relationship with Dong, as he essentially raised Dong by himself after his wife died from pneumonia. One day on a routine hunting trip, his son was gored and killed by a unicorn while Schwanz was taking a leak. The unicorn then took advantage of Schwanz whilst his pants were still on the ground. He became extremely depressed and nearly suicidal, turning to alcoholism. His business failed soon after and he has been working as a freelance hunter and guide ever since without much financial success.

Schwanz Dickson

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