Session 1 - Prison Break

In which the players get their shit together. Kinda.

The characters Tig (Ari), Rhydid (Mike), Kyrov (Mallory), Ivan (Eli L.), Kieli (Eli K.), and the Unnamed Monk (Shane) find themselves in an Ostanovit prison, without any of their personal effects. After staging a clusterfuck of a prison break, the party introduces themselves, and agree to assist Kieli in his research. They determine the best course of action is to cross the border to Kattil and find shelter in a small town before heading through what they have been warned is bandit infested roads to the ruins that hold the document for which Kieli is searching.

All players receive 825 experience points for: a successful prison break; killing 6 guards, escaping two others; and navigating to the nearby village without incident or getting lost. There was a small amount of RP experience issued during the game, please take that into account.

Things taken off of bodies during the fight are assumed to have been taken with the party. They include:

  • By Kyrov: a dagger, a light crossbow and a flask of an unidentified strong spirit.
  • By Kieli: a dagger
  • By Rhydid: a longsword


AceKatz AceKatz

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