The campaign setting is a work in progress, but it will be used in its remarkably unfinished state as the setting for this game. This wiki will be contain all the information pertinent to the campaign, and as much as is written.

This work is both a setting for games to be played and a writing exercise for me. The final version of this will not be seen for some time, but if you bear with me, it will hopefully provide a setting that makes for at least interesting story telling. If you are at all interested, here is how I intend to continue writing this monstrosity.

Please also note that everything in this wiki is subject to change, even the name. Core concepts should remain the same, but bits and pieces of minor details may change.

Also: the tone used in describing the world is going to be different from the tone used to record the adventures of our characters. This is because the description of the world is meant for (eventually) a larger audience, while the adventure log is just for our group. Also, there are times when the only words available to describe an in-game encounter have four letters.

Table of Contents

  1. Short descriptions
  2. Medium descriptions
  3. Religions and deities
  4. Languages
  5. Classes